About Us

Literature is not all we care about, but it is very important, igniting our passion for development. We are a group of readers united by our common affection for good books and well-told stories. We put no boundaries, limiting our interests to a few genres or authors. On the contrary, we value literature in general, with all its diversity and twists. If you like to spend hours reading different books, then this platform may serve you well. We frequently post intriguing articles about genres, sub-genres, specific titles, and interesting studies made by our associates.

Our Passion is Literature

Literature is not just a passion but can be the strongest one! Frequent travelers may see most of the world we live in, and they will be considered lucky. Those who read will explore a thousand worlds and live a thousand lives without making even a single step. This is the magic and the one thing that unites our team. But we are enthusiastic about writing as well. We like to talk about the differences between the genres and how they combine, leaving the fiction to nonfiction line between hazy and blurry. Our writers and editors don’t just create articles, but they present their own points of view, becoming a part of the literature on their own. We like to think for ourselves like creative nonfiction authors, presenting true facts in a fascinating way, fueling the curiosity of our readers.

What Is in It for You?

This platform is not profit-orientated and does not serve the interests of marketers, certain publishers, or trading companies. Here, you can find intriguing and, hopefully, captivating facts about:

  • Literature genres
  • Popular novels and series
  • Difference between fiction and nonfiction stories
  • The features that distinguish a book from a masterpiece
  • Historical materials related to literature and much more.

We do not limit ourselves to the most popular topics online. Actually, we value our readers’ opinions the most, and we are always eager to deliver whatever you need. So, if writing and reading are your passions, too, send us a message with a few guidelines on what will be interesting for you to read about. We select our factual sources very carefully so that you can count on the reliability and authenticity of the published information. For example, we rely on official web archives like the Emily Dickinson Archive when it comes to poetry.

Our Mission

Our mission, of course, is to popularize even more classic literature and all other genres. We want to show the world that digitalization is a tool and not an obstacle in front of this art. Indeed, some statistics show that fewer and fewer people are willing to spend their free time reading. Then again, this only applies to old-fashioned paper books as the popularity of audiobooks is constantly rising. But no matter how you intend to read, knowing the difference between a novel and a novella could be useful. So, our mission is to talk about poetry, fiction, and literature in general, but to discuss technical matters as well.

The Power Team

We like to think that we have a powerful team capable of achieving anything. We have everything you need on board to help you feel within your comfort zone. We have real writers, content creators, editors, and different literature genres specialists. We have masters of SEO, zealot developers, and designers with no less rich imagination than J.R.R. Tolkien. Stay with us and get deeper and deeper into the fabulous worlds of magic, crime mysteries, and classic literature. We regularly post new articles and always accept advice and constructive criticism. Your feedback is the best evaluation of our work!