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What Sort of Feedback Will I Get on My Submission?

January 27, 2014, by

Do you wonder what it means to get feedback on your submission to Polyphony H.S.? I think that you’ll be surprised by the detailed level of feedback that our editorial panel provides on each and every piece submitted. We recently published an article on the Chicago Artists Resource website with examples of feedback that actual submissions received on both an accepted piece and a rejected piece. Our goal is always to support your voice and to help you improve your … Read more

Genre Editor, Peter LaBerge Interviews National Book Award Finalist, Beth Kephart

August 8, 2013, by

Beth Kephart

Beth Kephart

Beth Kephart is an American author of non-fiction, poetry, and young adult fiction for adults and teens.  She has written and published fifteen books, and has received several grants and awards for her writing.  She was a National Book Award Finalist for her book “A Slant of the Sun: One Child’s Courage,” and her book “Small Damages” just last month was named the Armchair BEA Young Adult Novel of the Year.  She lives in Philadelphia, where she is … Read more

Kerri Majors, author of “This is Not a Writing Manual”

July 22, 2013, by

Sunny Side Up

On the long road of the writing life, you’re going to encounter a lot of clichés—people are going to foist them upon you (“English major?  What’re you gonna do with that?”), you’re going to meet a lot of them at parties (Dude with the black turtleneck and vinyl record collection, you need a makeover), and you may even fall into a few yourself (when you see yourself typing “like a kid in a candy store,” step … Read more

Kerri Majors, author of “This is Not a Writing Manual”

July 15, 2013, by

5 Ways to Play With Your Words

Maybe you’re a chiseler (a term I first heard used by YARN’s Fiction Editor Diana Renn to describe the kind of writer who chips away at the same project for a long time).  Maybe you’re more of a fickle writer like I am (the kind who flits from project to project, often finishing them and even working on them for years, but who can’t quite imagine chipping away for too long).  No … Read more

Presenting our First Guest Blogger: Kerri Majors, author of “This is Not A Writing Manual: Notes for the Young Writer in the Real World”

July 8, 2013, by

Every Monday during the month of July we will share our pages with Kerri Majors, author of This is Not a Writing Manual; Notes for the Young Writer in the Real World, and Editor of YARN, an award-winning literary journal of short-form YA writing. This first post is a complete excerpt from her newly published book exclusively for Polyphony H.S.

This is Not a Writing Manual is now available in print and ebook formats from amazon, Barnes

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