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The Claudia Ann Seaman Awards For Young Writers

My memories of my sister Claudia remain sharp and clear, as does my grief, more than twenty years after her death. Those of you born after I began missing Claudia will find it difficult to imagine that even though I’ve read hundreds of submissions to the award that carries my sister’s name each year, every year’s entries are fresh and deeply gratifying. That is what art does. It transcends everyday life and time. Art reaches far beneath the surface, and illuminates what is unchanging and universal in the human experience. Those of us who love literature have found a soul-sustaining passion and wellspring of knowledge and inspiration, pleasure, wit, and beauty.

The Seaman family established the award in memory of my sister, a young poet, with the generous support of the Community Foundation of Dutchess County, in our hometown, Poughkeepsie, New York. We are now thrilled to partner in this exciting endeavor with Chicago-based Polyphony H.S., a student-run, international  literary magazine for high school writers and editors.

Members of PHS’s editorial staff will read and comment on submissions to the Seaman Award for Young Writers with the goal of nurturing the writing community, connecting young writers and editors, and enabling young writers to reach a wider audience. Our hope is that participants will better understand the impact their writing has on readers, and that the close scrutiny of editors will help writers perceive greater possibility in their work. The winners of the awards are selected from the print volume of Polyphony H.S. by published authors in each genre. Winners are generally announced in winter of each year.

Thank you for participating in the Claudia Ann Seaman Award for Young Writers, and thank you for keeping the profound and transforming arts of reading and writing vital.

~Donna Seaman, Senior Editor, Booklist


Claudia Ann Seaman award winners are selected by published authors each volume year from works accepted for publication in Polyphony H.S.  One winner in poetry, in short fiction, and in creative non-fiction are chosen and receive a $200.00 cash award. Two honorable mentions are also selected in each genre category. Please go to our submit page to learn more about our submission guidelines. As with all of our submissions, the deadline for consideration for the Claudia Ann Seaman Awards is May 31th of each volume year.



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