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Editor of the Week: Oly Huzenis

We thought it might be fun for everyone to get to know Polyphony’s Co-Editor-in-Chief, Oly Huzenis. And, by “get to know” we mean really get to know her beyond usual,straightforward questions. So, here goes…

Favorite movie: Pulp Fiction

Favorite book: “Freedom” by Jonathan Franzen and “The Shadow of the Wind” by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Favorite TV show: Arrested Development

The last thing that made you cry: Looking at the homework I have for Monday.

The last thing that made you Read more

Polyphony H.S. Editor of the Week: Julia Aizuss

Julia Aizuss (such a cool last name) needs no introduction. Just a little secret to prove that… I didn’t even edit out a single word in her wonderfully long answers. After reading what she has to say I’m sure you will love her expressive, witty, and fun “writerly” personality just as much as I did.

What do you love most about Polyphony?
I’m on the staff of another literary magazine, The Adroit Journal, which is run entirely by high school … Read more

Polyphony H.S. Editor of the Week: Olivia Scheyer

Olivia Scheyer, one of Polyphony H.S.’s well-rounded editor tells us about submitting her first poem ever written to Polyphony, going through the editing process, and loving writing. Read about how Olivia overcame her (and every other writer’s) writing humps…

When did you get interested in writing?

I got interested in the beginning of high school. It really was a gradual build of interest; I never picked up a pen and declared that I wanted to write. I slowly began to … Read more

Polyphony H.S. Editor of the Week: Allison Light

One of Polyphony H.S.’s talented editors, Allison Light, tells us about how she’s developed as a writer. Allison explains her process of growing from writing her first story about Granny Smith (a horse) to writing “The Erasing Office” (published on www. everydayfiction.com)…..

My first story was entitled Nancy Drew: Mystery at Barrel Lake. It was scrawled in a palm-sized notebook with iridescent butterflies on the front, and the storyline featured a horse named Granny Smith. Although the final product left … Read more

Polyphony H.S. Editor of the Week: Rachel Stone

Rachel Stone, our wonderfully expressive editor, takes us on her teenage journey with writing and Polyphony H.S., but be careful, she’s a little risk-ay….

When I was in eighth grade I decided that I would rebel. Although the requirements for submitting to Polyphony HS magazine entailed that one had to be a high school student to submit writing, I created an account with a fake graduation date, hoping that if my poems were chosen for publication I could reveal my … Read more

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