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Meet the Editors of Polyphony H.S.

Editor-in-Chief, Mikaela Ritchie.  Mikaela is so excited to start another year with Polyphony. She’s a member of the class of 2017 at New Trier High School in Winnetka, Illinois, where she is a Varsity tennis player and plays trumpet in the band, jazz band, and orchestra. In her free time, she likes to read, especially Jane Austen, fantasy, and Greek mythology. She has three older sisters and a chocolate lab named Miracle Max – Max for short.

Jane Agler  is a senior from Chicago, a die-hard Arsenal FC supporter, Thierry Henry’s number one fan, and a pianist. When she is not editing Polyphony submissions and attending classes at school, she is often listening to British punk and Frederic Chopin, reading Jane Austen, and watching movies by her favorite directors (Wes Anderson, the Coen brothers, and Martin Scorsese).

Scout Baker is a student at the Latin School of Chicago. During her free time (if that really exists…) she raids the fridge and watches action movies. She loves spinning around in circles and volunteers teaching acting to small children.

Ned Bless is a member of the Class of 2018 at the Latin School of Chicago. He has lived in Milwaukee, New York City, and Carmel, California before moving to Chicago. While not writing or editing submissions for Polyphony, he is playing tennis as a member of the varsity team, playing guitar, or spending time with his two Golden Retrievers.

Riley Grace Borden, a junior from Whidbey Island, Washington, is overly excited about joining Polyphony this year. Her love and vengeance for ballet is a reliable theme in her writing, as is her terrible habit of sending out rough drafts. Her guilty pleasures include solitude, propagating Sylvia Plath, Ayn Rand, and Native American rights, eating too much ice cream, and letting her mind and possessions wander.

Lily Campbell is a member of the class of 2019 at the Latin School of Chicago. When she isn’t dancing, Lily enjoys hanging out with her dog, watching Grey’s Anatomy, and stalking Andrew Shaw on his various social media accounts. She enjoys photography, trampolines, and funfetti cake. Lily is thrilled to be a part of Polyphony’s editorial staff!

Yongyu Chen is a senior at Farragut High School in Knoxville, Tennessee. He loves junk food including (but not limited to) Haribo gummy bears, Cheez-Its, and barbecue chips. When not editing for Polyphony, he spends time playing violin and watching soccer. (He is an ardent supporter of Tottenham Hotspur.) Currently, his favorite song is “Elevator Operator” by Courtney Barnett.

Christopher Chu is a member of the Class of 2017 at the Latin School of Chicago. He is the middle child in the family, sibling to former editor Caroline Chu. He enjoys dirty jokes, destroying the sanctity of marriage, doodling on all his classwork and writing. Praise from his teachers include: “I love checking his homework because he always has fun little drawings on it.” –Lia Hoying. “At least you did your work.” – Jonathan Legendre. “I know you’re all bored right now and I can see that Chris is drawing but I’m just going to let him do his thing.” – James Joyce.

Arielle DeVito is a high school senior from Shaker Heights, Ohio, who can often be found lurking in libraries and comic book stores.  She has been published in Navigating the Maze and Dancing with the Pen! She has also been recognized in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and the Johns Hopkins Creative Minds Contest, among others.  In her spare time, she enjoys procrastinating everything and anything, painting self-portraits, sewing ball gowns, using power tools on her school’s robotics team, and baking (usually cupcakes).

Isabella del Hierro is a member of the Latin School of Chicago class of 2019. When she isn’t editing for Polyphony, you will likely find her immersed in a good book, playing volleyball, or browsing various social media sites.  She also loves traveling and spending time with her friends in Chicago.

Katherine Du, a junior, is a literary soul mate to Charlotte Brontë and Jane Austen. When fencing, chess, or original soundtracks fail to occupy her mind, she can be found enmeshed in wonderful Polyphony submissions. Her writing has been recognized by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and published by Teen Ink, and she is proud to be a member of Polyphony’s editorial team.

Joseph Felkers is a genre editor and a member of the class of 2018 at Catholic Central High School in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  His poetry appears in decomP, SOFTBLOW and Rust + Moth, among others. He edits for Polyphony, reads for Adroit, and scoops ice cream professionally, for now.

Madison Fernandez is a proud Brooklynite/New Yorker and student at Bard High School Early College in Manhattan. When she was younger, she swore that she would never read and would never attend college… look at her now! Although she holds a black belt in kickboxing, she believes that the pen is mightier than the sword (or fist, in this case). She has been published in Teen Ink, a number of poetry anthologies, and has won keys in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. If you can’t reach her, she’s probably stuck on a train somewhere.

Liana Fu is a senior at Barrington High School and the reigning demagogue of The Writers’ Block, a writing club she founded with no blood, some sweat, and a lot of tears. She loves reading nonfiction, chasing pigeons in Chicago, and helping fellow writers grow. Her creative nonfiction work has been recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and by her mom, whom she loves dearly and should listen to more often.

MacKenzie Guynn is a member of the Latin School of Chicago’s class of 2019. Born in Chicago, MacKenzie has lived in the city with her three sisters for her whole life. MacKenzie spends her time rowing, playing with her dog, Logan, and listening to music. She also enjoys watching the hawks and baking delicious treats to enjoy later. MacKenzie is very excited about joining the Polyphony staff!

Kira Horowitz is a senior from central New Jersey. In her spare time, she enjoys reading historical fiction, creating vegan recipes, and playing with her four rescue dogs. She also loves studying art history and watching TED Talks online. She is grateful for all her Polyphony experience has taught her. 

Abraham Joyner-Meyers is a homeschooler from Takoma Park, MD. He is an avid reader, a music lover, and an epee fencer. He loves to fiddle at the local farmer’s market, visit the museums in DC, and shelve books at the town library. He spends his summers playing violin in a string quartet in Virginia and playing frisbee at Duke TIP in North Carolina.

Rachel Kulik ’17 from Brooklyn, NY loves poetry, problem solving, piano pounding, park swings, and anything penguin-related, and would win gold in all-around nerdiness (check out her Self-Study Initiative on FB). She teaches creative writing to younger kids and has been recognized by the Scholastic Writing Awards and Teen Ink. Rachel enjoys unearthing details in writing and in math (call it over-analyzation if you dare) and helping others, and can combine both through Polyphony!

Michael Lai is a member of the Jericho High School Class of 2017. He is an avid writer and is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post. His writing has also been featured in the Health and Wellness Division of Rosen Publishing. When not writing, he’s an editor for Polyphony H.S., a member of his school’s debate team, and captain of his school’s varsity swim team. During his free time, he indulges in ice cream (cookies and cream) and watches Game of Thrones.

Regina Lankenau is a student at the American School Foundation in Mexico City, Mexico. Though she was born in Monterrey she has lived in Austria, Poland, and Texas. When she’s not reading Kurt Vonnegut, blogging about nondescript things, or struggling to survive under the stress of IB, she’s having adventures with her brothers in new countries and singing Les Miserables from the top of the stairs. Her lifelong dream is to meet Julie Andrews before she dies (she being Julie, not Regina), and write something of significance.

Daniel LeCoque is a student in Chicago belonging to the Class of 2017. Born and raised in the Windy City, he has grown up in his ideal urban environment. Daniel has had a number of accomplishments in his so far 16 year-old life, yet for the sake of modesty and word count they won’t be included. Daniel owes many of his influences to his favorite musical artists and the late Kurt Vonnegut. On any given day you may see Daniel, but that’s not likely as Chicago’s a big place.

In the urban depths of the district of Chicago, Lucy Limanowski attends the Latin School. She is a genre editor of Polyphony H.S., and active member of Teen Ink. She also is in a band where she is the rhythm guitarist, bassist, and lead singer. Volleyball, running, swimming are her main sports that she loves to participate part in and out of school. In her free time when she isn’t working with Agency Galatea, she loves to draw, paint, or watch Supernatural and Gossip Girl.

these are things pearl liu does when she isn’t reading, writing, or reading: blogging about sewing, style, and sustainability. attempting to sew. dancing. (she loves ballet. and art in general.) writing long rambly letters to tolerant friends. (in all lowercase).

Marimac McRae, Executive Editor, is from Nashville, Tennessee, and she attends Harpeth Hall. Marimac enjoys running, writing, and listening to anything Beyoncé any time, anywhere. Her writing has been in The Round, Blue Marble Review, Teen Ink, and a RunSmart Blog, and she loves to edit for Polyphony. 

Stephanie Racker is a member of the class of 2019 at the Latin School of Chicago. She is an avid equestrian and a huge Chicago Blackhawks fan. In her free time, she enjoys playing classical piano, re-watching Leonardo DiCaprio movies, and reading any good book she can get her hands on. Having had the pleasure of living in Chicago all her life, she also loves to explore the many restaurants the city has to offer. She is honored to be a part of the Polyphony H.S. editing team!

Giancarlo Riccobon, a member of the Class of 2016 at Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School, loves any writing that experiments. He has led his school’s Role-Play Writing club for over three years and, co-writing with his brother, he has met his word-count goal for National Novel Writing Month. He is a feminist and a follower of Pixar movies. When not writing or editing — a rare time indeed — he can be found volunteering at the library or devouring novels (sometimes mentally critiquing them).

Gemma Ryu was born in the great corn-filled state of Illinois but moved to the mountain-filled state of Colorado to pursue her dream of becoming a master ice sculptor. She enjoys long walks on the non-existent beaches of a land-locked state and knits ferociously in her down-time. She’s a gifted napper and cat trainer. She’s a woman of mystery and power, whose power is exceeded only by her mystery. She he whooshing sound as deadlines fly by.

Lauren Salzman, a student at the Latin School of Chicago, is a true people person. During the school year when she isn’t editing, writing for the school newspaper, or doing school work, she is playing basketball or volleyball, and practicing piano. She has a passion for the outdoors and this past summer went to British Columbia and backpacked for three weeks. This was right up her alley  for she only had to wash her wild, curly hair twice during the trip. This is her first year at Polyphony H.S. and she cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Grace Scullion lives in Winnetka, Illinois. When not stewing over syntax and extended metaphors, she loves to dance, act, and has recently dabbled in public speaking. Grace enjoys Thai food and cats, although due to her brother’s supposed “allergy” she does not have a feline friend. If she did, however, she would name it Cat Stevens because she has a horrible sense of humor.    

Rachna Shah is a senior from Barrington High School, where she leads a club called DECA, a competitive business and marketing organization. When not editing for Polyphony, she can be found writing about the ordinary and peculiar, perfecting her slide sidekicks, and learning more about urban economics. Her favorite writer is Ray Bradbury, whose short stories and books she often re-reads while eating strawberry yogurt and almonds.

Jackson Unikel is a student at the Latin School of Chicago. He loves to write, play guitar, and eat vanilla Oreos (never the chocolate kind). Philanthropist, artist, and a scholar of Quentin Tarantino, he can almost always be found playing video games, watching old movies, staring wistfully out of windows, or perfecting his drawings of penguins.

Chris Wang is a fun-loving, adventure-seeking high school senior in Fremont, California. An enthusiast of art, food, and travel, he blogs and writes extensively. His writing has been recognized by Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and published in The Best Teen Writing. He has been editing for Polyphony since his sophomore year and is currently a Genre Editor.

Sidney Wollmuth recently moved to Minnesota from Northern Virginia. She spends most of her free time writing, reading, studying, running, or watching Jane Villanueva on Netflix. To win her affection, simply buy her a carton of cookie dough ice cream, a lifetime supply of Celestial Seasoning Sleepytime tea, and a pink pair of cabin socks. 

Lillian Yuan is a member of the class of 2017. When she’s not engrossed in an elaborate con book or sappy romance story, she enjoys planning community service activities, channeling her inner Glee through her school’s Show Choir, and making up ridiculous games with her twin sister (fraternal, but no one ever believes them). She is known for laughing so hard until she cries on a daily basis.

Grace Zhou is a second reader, a violist, and a junior from Georgia. She loves cheap clothing, rainy weather, and school lunch. She can usually be found staring at her phone, reading books on the Kindle app. In her free time, she watches movies and writes culture articles for ComicVerse.com. One day she’d like to write a screenplay.

Joyce Zhou is a genre editor and a member of Neuqua Valley High School’s class of 2018. Her work has been recognized by Scholastic Art & Writing, Princeton University and National Poetry Quarterly, among others. In addition to writing and editing, Joyce is also actively involved with volunteering, badminton, violin, and Science Olympiad.

Lily Zhou (Class of 2018) is from the San Francisco Bay Area, and currently works as a Genre Editor. Her writing has been recognized by the National Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, the Poetry Society of the UK, the National YoungArts Foundation, Gannon University, and Columbia College Chicago, and has been nominated for Best of the Net. Her work appears in Winter Tangerine Review, The Blueshift Journal, SOFTBLOW, and on Verse Daily.



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