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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Kerri Majors, author, “This is Not a Writing Manual”

July 29, 2013, by

Why I Avoid Bookstores

I have to let you in on a little secret: Bookstores give me hives (metaphorically, not literally, but perhaps they would literally, too, if I stayed in them long enough).  All those books that I’m not reading … or writing.  Cue inferiority complex.

Being a writer, I feel bad about this.  For one thing, the cliché image of the writer browsing much-beloved books in a musty, stacked-to-the-gills store, looking for her next delight, is one I … Read more

Kerri Majors, author of “This is Not a Writing Manual”

July 22, 2013, by

Sunny Side Up

On the long road of the writing life, you’re going to encounter a lot of clichés—people are going to foist them upon you (“English major?  What’re you gonna do with that?”), you’re going to meet a lot of them at parties (Dude with the black turtleneck and vinyl record collection, you need a makeover), and you may even fall into a few yourself (when you see yourself typing “like a kid in a candy store,” step … Read more

Kerri Majors, author of “This is Not a Writing Manual”

July 15, 2013, by

5 Ways to Play With Your Words

Maybe you’re a chiseler (a term I first heard used by YARN’s Fiction Editor Diana Renn to describe the kind of writer who chips away at the same project for a long time).  Maybe you’re more of a fickle writer like I am (the kind who flits from project to project, often finishing them and even working on them for years, but who can’t quite imagine chipping away for too long).  No … Read more

Presenting our First Guest Blogger: Kerri Majors, author of “This is Not A Writing Manual: Notes for the Young Writer in the Real World”

July 8, 2013, by

Every Monday during the month of July we will share our pages with Kerri Majors, author of This is Not a Writing Manual; Notes for the Young Writer in the Real World, and Editor of YARN, an award-winning literary journal of short-form YA writing. This first post is a complete excerpt from her newly published book exclusively for Polyphony H.S.

This is Not a Writing Manual is now available in print and ebook formats from amazon, Barnes

Read more

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