We thought it might be fun for everyone to get to know Polyphony’s Co-Editor-in-Chief, Oly Huzenis. And, by “get to know” we mean really get to know her beyond usual,straightforward questions. So, here goes…

Favorite movie: Pulp Fiction

Favorite book: “Freedom” by Jonathan Franzen and “The Shadow of the Wind” by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Favorite TV show: Arrested Development

The last thing that made you cry: Looking at the homework I have for Monday.

The last thing that made you laugh: Joe Biden’s mannerisms in the VP debate.

Something you always have with you: My watch

Favorite word: I love them all.

Something you always say: “I can’t even”

Biggest fear: storms/spiders/planes

Two things on your bucket list: Visit all the seven wonders of the world. Also, get into college. That’d be nice.

Biggest pet peeve: People who are constantly dieting

Celebrity crush: Adam Brody

Strangest habit: Pausing TV shows to make mental and verbal commentary…to myself.

Most played song on your iTunes: Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead. I think I fell asleep to it.

Most looked at website on your browser: Facebook… I’m boring.

Favorite color: Green

Favorite time of the day: 3:20 p.m.

Favorite food: Cheeseburgers

Most embarrassing moment: Face-planting during a track meet relay.

Animal you’d describe yourself as: Chimpanzee

That’s our Oly!

Note: If you have any fun questions you’d like us to ask our editors in the future, please comment below with your question!